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Google Ads

Get your business in front
of the right people.
We help you scale relevant traffic and leads.

What to expect when
Digiroo runs your Google Ads

Trust, Accountability and Results

At the heart of our service is trust, ensuring we do what we say and provide exceptional results. As our client, you will have full access to your campaigns so you can track results in real time. When you work with Digiroo, it’s that simple.

Strategy Focus

We reverse engineer your North Star goals, to position our approach to get there. This is a key distinction for Google Ads and if given enough thought, results will come.

A Team of Wordsmiths. Persuaders and Eye Catchers

Our copywriters soak up your message and reorder, trim and revitalise it through persuasive, eye catching copy. We use the AIDA method of Attention, Interest, Desire and Action to convert your leads into satisfied customers.

Kaizen - Continuous Optimisation

To exceed expectations, we stay ahead of the curve and ready to adapt in the face of changes that take place with Google. We make sure to continuously optimise your ads, creatively look for ways to help you thrive and pursue Kaizen for your business.

A Team of Lifelong Learners Behind You

We apply Kaizen or continuous improvement to ourselves as well. Ensuring our team are supported through up to date conferences, industry trends and tactics to help you win.

Reporting, Analytics & Data Foundation

Data is king & Queen, but only if you know what to look for. We apply our keen eye for nuggets and trends to keep you informed and one step ahead of your competition.

And so, so, so Much More

Plenty more to provide, but the easiest way to find out is to get in touch for a free chat!

What should I expect
from a Google Ads audit?

● Account Structure Analysis

● Keyword and Ad Analysis

● Bid strategy analysis

● Landing page analysis

● Audience analysis

It’s simple. You should expect our audit to deliver clear recommendations that will deliver a stronger return on investment than your current Google Ads campaigns. If you’d like to know if Google Ads could be making you more money, then enter your domain name below!

We’ll improve your Google Ads results

Let's see how we
can help you